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Russell Ricalde

Retired Federal Agent
Firearms Training

Many people own firearms. However, few are trained mentally and physically to successfully use a firearm in a violent confrontation.  As the founder of Russell Ricalde Investigations, Security and Firearms Training, I have trained and taught firearms instruction for over 25- years.


We offer security consulting on strategies to mitigate vulnerabilities of  individual, group, facility or organization.  Areas of expertise include but are not limited to physical residential security, threat assessment, security systems, disaster survival, personal protection, security system design, design, and personal information/computer security.


Investigations will be accepted on a case by case basis. We specialize in areas where conventional methods have failed. We use progressive technology and methods to support traditional investigative techniques. Results are guaranteed.

Our Mission

Russell Ricalde Investigations, Security and Firearms Training is an unconventional security and investigative agency focused on quality not quantity.  Our mission is to bring professionalism, experience, and integrity to the private sector while exceeding the industry standard.  We provide focused logical solutions to adress the vital concearns of our clients.

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