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  • Corporate Security

  • Residential Security

  • Executive Protection

  • Executive Security

  • Escort Bodyguard

  • Event Security

  • Security Consulting



We offer security consulting on strategies to mitigate vulnerabilities of an individual, group, facility or organization.  Areas of expertise include physical residential security, threat assessment, security systems, disaster survival, personal protection, security system design, safe room design, and personal information/computer security.



We will provide all levels of executive protection, depending on the level of threat, area of operation, and needs of the client. In some cases, one or two person escorts may be used. Other situations may require full protective details.



Personal awareness and security starts in the home.  There are many dangers that we face in the current world environment that cannot be controlled or predicted.  Therefore, we must minimize the risks that we can influence. 

Having a comprehensive security plan is paramount when attempting to mitigate threat and protect your family.  Cutting edge technology is now available to accommodate most budgets.  Our representatives will meet with you at your home, evaluate the physical penetrability of your residence and property, and provide recommendations as required in the areas of advanced monitoring systems, intruder alert, egress hardware upgrades, security procedures, and training. A layered approach to the physical security of your home will keep intruders out and your family safe. 

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